2 Year Old Program

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Our two-year-olds take part in a daily routine with an age-appropriate balance of teacher-initiated activities and child initiated exploration. The goal of the program is to establish a caring, non-critical environment that will stimulate all domains: fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional and cognitive through age-appropriate experiences.

Routine gives way to security and children who feel secure are free to explore. Two-year-olds are naturally curious and the activities provided give them the opportunity to learn by doing: Finger painting, molding, singing, dancing, puzzles, blocks, pretend play, and sensory materials are all present in the weekly themed activities planned and through play in learning centers.

Circle Time, music and movement and outside play are included on a daily basis to promote the development of gross motor skills- refining all large muscle movements. Language development explodes at this stage and the routine gives students ample opportunities to express themselves and expand their vocabulary through interactions and story times. Socialization is another ongoing objective as children learn to play along with others, share, take turns, solve conflicts and express their feelings appropriately.