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Born 2 Learn Preschool

At Born 2 Learn Preschool we provide a learning environment that respects children and emphasizes the social-emotional development of each child in our care. Our students have daily developmental experiences within a balanced routine of structured and open activities. Born 2 Learn nurtures children and their self-confidence so they dare to explore and learn the skills necessary to succeed in school and in life.


Born 2 Learn’s mission is to provide high quality child care in an enriching and stimulating atmosphere, delivered by certified education professionals who care about your child’s wellbeing and growth. With our superior focus on academics, our students leave prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

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core values

Born 2 Learn has raised and continues to raise the standards of early childhood education in the community and our reputation speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on adhering to core our values which include:

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our Programs

6-12 Months

Our infants truly thrive in a home-like, warm setting, and with experienced and nurturing caregivers.

12-24 Months

Building emotional bonds, Language Development, Independence, Safe exploration using all the senses.

24-36 Months

36-46 Months

Experimentation, Social Skills, Early Literacy, hands-on learning experiences.


48-60 Months

Critical Thinking, Florida VPK Standards, Creating school habits, Emergent Literacy, Exploring creativity.

Preschool & Elementary

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