Toddler Program

12 Months to 2 Years Old

Toddlers will be separated by age and development.

Toddlers have a natural need to explore and research shows this is how they learn best. Their rooms are full of things to push, pull, press, and various centers to manipulate. Children at this stage of development learn by imitating, exploring and trial and error. While this is a wonderful growing stage in which toddlers become a bit more independent, we make it our priority to provide them with a very nurturing and caring environment. It is the security and trust that have from having loving caretakers that allow children to freely and fearlessly become involved in an array of daily learning experiences.

toddler playing on chair at preschool

Toilet Training:

Toilet training is usually accomplished during this stage of a child’s life. When you feel your child is ready, we will follow your lead as much as possible to provide coherence and persistence with the training you establish at home. The key to successful toilet training is readiness. Every child is unique in their development and in no time will we force or shame a child for accidents or for not being ready to take this step. Until your toddler has been completely toilet trained, we ask that you supply us with disposable diapers and 3 complete change of clothes to be kept at the center.

Toddler Nutrition:

Children also begin to drink cow milk (from 12 months) and solids. The center will provide them with milk and solid food. A healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack will be served in child-like portions to provide a balanced diet specifically designed by a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist to target the nutritional needs of preschool children. You will receive a daily report on how well your child has eaten throughout the day.

toddlers at snack time at preschool

Quiet Time (Napping):

Every child needs “quiet time” to rest and regroup after a morning full of indoor and outdoor activities. We call our naptime “quiet time” because children will never be forced to go to sleep. As we have stated throughout our philosophy, the individuality of each child will not be overlooked. If there is no disruption of the other children in the room, each child may choose to sleep, rest or read silently in their mats during quiet time.

toddler playing outside at daycare