Preschool Program

3 Years Old to 5 Years Old

Our classrooms have been designed and decorated to expose our students to various learning situations and centers. They are easily adjusted to provide for individual, small group, and whole group activities. In addition, each group individually visits two main centers outside their classrooms 1) art, creativity and music 2) library, literacy and communications. Each of these specialized centers is used for whole class activities and is also further subdivided into smaller units to allow children to choose their focus of interest within each group. Aside from, these main centers, each classroom includes the following areas of play and learning: 1) dramatic 2) science/discovery 3) sensory 4) language 5) writing 6) manipulatives 7) blocks. Within this engaging learning environment, our preschoolers thrive along with caring teachers that interact and guide them.

preschoolers boys


The center will provide breakfast, lunch, and snack for all preschoolers including milk. All meals are provided by a registered dietician / licensed nutritionist and have been specifically designed to meet the balanced nutritional needs of preschool aged children. You will receive a monthly menu including a brief nutritional breakdown. Lunch is delivered fresh daily to the center and is served family style in each classroom.

preschooler enjoying food at daycare
sleepy preschoolers

Rest Time:

After a morning of fun and learning, children naturally need to regroup, reflect, and rest. During our preschool “quiet time”, children may choose to nap, read silently in their mats, or simply lay quietly. It is the part of the preschool day in which each classroom is transformed into a peaceful environment where children learn to appreciate and respect each other’s rest time.