Infant Program

3 Months to Approximately 12 Months

Based on individual development of each child.

Our nursery is our pride and joy! Our infants truly thrive in a home-like, warm setting, and with experienced and nurturing caregivers. The goal is for our babies to see their room at B2L as an extension of their own homes. The infant room has been designed and decorated to take the form of a child’s play room to play and socialize in; as well as a personal, individually decorated area in which to rest. Shoe covers are required to enter the classroom in order to maintain our floors cleaned and sanitized. After all, your child will be crawling around all day. We believe each child is a unique little miracle with infinite potential that can soar in a loving environment with varieties of materials and experiences.

infant crawling outside

Feeding and Sleeping Schedules:

You will receive a daily report of your child’s feeding, napping, and diaper activities. To help make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible, we ask that you supply us in writing your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule.

Baby Supplies:

Please provide us with the following for your infant:

  1. Formula or breast milk labeled with your child’s name
  2. Baby food with labeled containers and spoon
  3. Fitted sheet for crib
  4. Blanket for warmth
  5. Disposable Diapers
  6. Wipes
  7. Diaper Cream of choice (fill out cream authorization)
  8. For messy emergencies, we ask for 4 complete changes of clothes
tolder in high chair at preschool2