Toddler Program

(12 months) Half-Day and Part-Time Programs Available

The most important aspect of our toddler program besides meeting their basic needs and keeping them safe is to help them create nurturing bonds with their caregivers.  This will, in turn, allow them to build healthy emotional attachments and provide them with the security to explore their environment. Planned activities within our daily routine are created to nurture their natural curiosity by allowing them to explore and create with all their senses paint, sand, clay, scents, flavors, textures, etc.

At this stage, children accept their parent’s absence and begin to test their autonomy. Teachers work towards helping them learn to feed themselves, use a cup, use the bathroom and be more independent in their play activities.

It is a stage of learning about sounds and developing language. While at this early age we respect their home language (Spanish) and work to re-enforce it in casual conversations, primary instructions will also be given in English.

The toddler schedule on a daily basis includes circle time, music & movement, fine motor, cognitive and art experience. As well as, child initiated play activities in learning centers and outside play (twice daily). Our experienced staff creates and implements planned hands-on activities to promote the experience of age appropriate developmental objectives.