3 Year Old Program

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Three-year-olds continue to learn primarily through experimentation and hands-on exploration. A daily routine with teacher initiated activities that promote hands-on experiences and child initiated play in interest areas gives our three-year-olds a balanced day of learning fun. Thematic lesson plans are developed with children’s interests in mind to meet the developmental and academic objectives for this age level: fine motor, cognitive, language, gross motor and social-emotional domains.

Much of the critical thinking at this level is achieved through social interactions and problem-solving. Our three-year-olds are stimulated to communicate their needs, wants, and feelings. They gain self-confidence and build a strong self-esteem as they are encouraged to be more independent in their self-care and routine activities.

In the preschool classrooms, we begin to focus on the English Language and developing a solid social and school vocabulary. Work habits are also established through table and early literacy activities on a daily basis. Creativity is explored in art experience, open-ended activities and pretend play. The balance of a structured routine that allows for individuality, creativity and child initiated exploration is the key to our successful Prek-3 program.