Our Curriculum

b2l front of school

Through the years, our curriculum has been molding to the latest findings in the study of early childhood and brain development.  We have integrated The Creative Curriculum as well as Conscious Discipline into our daily routine.  We are constantly undergoing training and growing in the profession as more and more importance is scientifically being placed on the crucial first five years of life.

It has been proven that children feel secure in a loving environment with a routine where they know what comes next and what is expected of them.  We provide our students with that security through our daily activities, giving them the confidence to explore and learn.  Teachers plan their weekly lessons based on thematic units that engage students in the learning process and is geared to their interests.  Within this constructed routine, students also experience opportunities for creativity and unstructured play time in centers and playground.

In essence, our curriculum provides a safe and nurturing environment, a daily routine, and hands-on age-appropriate activities and experiences which lead children to meet the developmental & academic objectives in all domains: Social-emotional, cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, language development & early literacy.