VPK Curriculum

A Born 2 Learn Preschool Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program utilizes an advanced Literacy Curriculum alongside the Creative Curriculum. Our VPK program is an intensive workshop which centers on academic excellence in the subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts.

Program Highlights:

Grammar and Language

  • The Book-of-the-Week program is used to build vocabulary and integrate new words into sentences and complete thoughts.
  • Language development includes an enriched vocabulary and literacy through the use of our literature rich curriculum coupled with thematic units.
  • Our lessons focus on sentence structure, compound words, deletion, punctuation, and rhyming.
  • Circle Time games and activities review phonemic awareness skills and print knowledge.


  • Reading is one of the primary focus of our VPK curriculum.
  • Our students learn word recognition through effective techniques and traditional methods.
  • New words are introduced each week and added to our “reading caterpillar.”
  • Our word list includes color words, number words, shape words, classmates’ first and last names, and additional sight words for a total of over 200 words!
  • Our phonics based approach is accomplished through blending three or more sounds, learning word families, recognizing long and short vowel sounds, and the repetition of special sounds such as ch-, th-, -ck, etc.
children in our vpk program on our playground


  • Our philosophy of mathematics is to provide our students with a strong base in number sense and place value while incorporating logical mathematical skills.
  • By the end of the year, our graduates have been taught recognition of numbers 1-100, counting numbers 1-100, use of a number line, two digit addition and an introduction to subtraction.
  • We also highlight monthly concepts to promote mastery of the following topics: comparing data on a graph, one to one correspondence, patterns (AB, ABC, ABB), measurement, sequential numbers, counting by 5’s and 10’s, telling time to the hour, and money values (penny, nickel, dime, and dollar).
vpk kids on our playground


  • Our students learn to effectively communicate through writing by participating in a variety of relevant handwriting activities including writing letters, creating lists, and forming sentences through the use of copy work, phonics rules, dictation, and invented spelling.
  • Students complete assignments that ensure the mastery of writing all uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers 1-100, first and last name, vocabulary words, and sight words.

Hands-On, STEAM Component

  • Our students engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics activities through a variety of hands-on activities.
  • Our curriculum is designed to engage the curiosity of the developing mind.
  • Children engage in science lessons such as collecting and recording data, experimenting with force, gravity, and magnetism, and the properties of matter.
  • We build engineering skills through activities such as creating simple machines, bridges, and structures.
  • Hands-On activities, such as cooking projects and science experiment, cause students to discover different uses for everyday items.
  • Our VPK classroom is equipped with a full computer lab which enhances our diverse curriculum.

Differentiated Instruction

  • One of the unique benefits of our VPK program is the use of tri-annual formal assessments which inform parents of their child’s progress and allow teachers to customize lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • These results, coupled with ongoing assessment, allow our teachers to form small groups within the class.
  • These small groups are the catalyst for reinforcing weak areas and promoting advanced studies based of the level of the individual child.
  • Our goal is to give each child the opportunity to reach their maximum potential!
Our VPK Class!
VPK children doing classwork