Try These Local Trips to Get Out of the House (While Social Distancing)

social distancing trips

From day trips to weeklong adventures, there’s nothing like experiencing something new together. For families itching to get out and explore, there are ways to indulge your wanderlust without going too far, given the current coronavirus pandemic. Though longer trips may have to wait, you can still find local attractions to enjoy in the meantime.

Take a Hike Somewhere Local

Odds are that there’s a trail or lesser-known path in your area that’s ripe for exploring. As long as you can maintain safe social distancing, exploring these areas is a great way for the whole family to get some exercise. Even the younger set can traverse milder trails, though parents may want to keep trips short for little legs. Solo adventurers can tackle tougher trails and even attempt longer backpacking trips, as local guidelines allow.

Ready to head out on a hike?


Try Your Hand at Backyard Camping

Camping is always a fun family activity, but right now, closures mean you can’t visit your favorite state park. The solution is a backyard camping excursion complete with tents, campfires, and s’mores. To make the experience feel more authentic, cut the lights inside the house and avoid bringing every comfort from home. Try to focus on family connections and you might be surprised how much all ages can enjoy this backyard activity.

All set to pitch your tent in the backyard?


Start Rock Climbing in Your Own Backyard

While you may not have actual rock walls in your backyard, rock climbing or bouldering is an activity that can be enjoyed all over the country. Anywhere you can climb, kids and adults alike can enjoy a healthy and active adventure that challenges their minds and bodies. With a few key safety tips and a whole lot of enthusiasm, you can begin bouldering or scaling rocky cliffs in no time. For serious (and adult) adventurers, taking on steeper climbs or bigger boulders might be a priority. Of course, younger kids may get a rush out of mastering small boulders, too.

Not sure what to prepare for with rock climbing? Start here:


Take a Staycation

For many, traveling longer distances isn’t recommended right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out of your home for a week or two. As an alternative, consider renting a vacation home in Miami. You can find vacation rentals with amenities like professional cleaning services, simple-to-use locks, high-speed internet, and 24-hour support.

Once you arrive at your vacation home, it’s time to enjoy all Miami has to offer:

Whatever your interest or your family’s comfort level, there’s an engaging activity you can do together without breaking social distancing rules. When staying home gets to be too much, try one of these fun ideas for making memories. And once the pandemic ends, you might find that you have a new hobby everyone can take part in.

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