Affordable Tech Supplies and Tools to Prepare Kids for School Amid COVID-19

affordable tech supplies

Since most parents don’t know whether their kids will be headed to school in the fall or starting the school year from home, back-to-school prep is going to be a bit more complicated this year — and many families will need to plan for both scenarios when purchasing supplies for the 2020-21 school year. Check out the resources below for some budget-friendly tips on purchasing the different types of tech supplies and tools that may be needed in time for the back-to-school season.


Affordable Tech Supplies for Young Learners

 Whether your child will be schooling from home full-time or just a couple of days a week, these resources will help you ensure your kiddos have everything they need.



Boost Productivity While Learning from a Distance

 To keep your child comfortable and productive, make sure your kids everything from a lap desk to a great pair of noise-canceling headphones.



Free Online Learning Resources for Parents and Kids

 In addition to the abovementioned tech supplies, many free online tools and resources are available to supplement your children’s education.



Even if you’re still waiting to find out if your little one will be learning from home or in a classroom, these budget-friendly tech tools and supplies will help to prepare your child for the school year ahead. School plans could change at a moment’s notice but preparing for online and in-person learning will help to alleviate some stress in the event that your child needs to stay home for the next few months or longer.

Written by Daniel Sherwin:

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