“We have a 2-yr old child who never went to school before, so he was a super dependent kid.
Since the beginning, our child loved the school and everyday goes with enthusiasm. As we drive up, he says “Yeeih Colegio-Parque”…

Now and thanks to the hard work of all Born2Learn staff, especially his teacher – Ms. Giuliana, our son is more independent and is open to try new things, taste new flavors and has an notable improvement on the understanding of both languages.

The school is super clean, has a safe and beautiful playground, and lovely classrooms. What we love the most about B2L is security, location, colorful place and the warm welcome we received from Cristina.

We for sure will recommend to anyone this academic program. By the way, the Summer-Programs are awesome!!!”
Rocio Mendoza
Mother of Sebastian Cardona

Dear  Born 2 Learn,

I would like to begin by expressing my words of appreciation  and confidence in your childcare center.

The loving and caring environment that my children have received at your facility is a reflection of the special and dedicated teachers, staff and owners at Born 2 Learn. You are truly dedicated to our children!

Vivian Solan
Mother of Sophia ( Born 2 Learn alum), Jake (current student)  and Ryan  ( future student).

Made a decision of coming from other country and adapt to the Miami culture, was not easy
Made a decision to start a new life far from your friends and family, was not easy
Made a decision to have children without the warmth of your relatives, was not easy
Made a decision to select the first school that will take care of our first child, was not easy
Trust on an “extended” family who will love your child as you love him, was not easy
But seeing how your child has grown happy, self confident, loved, excited and energetic IS SO EASY
for that I will always be grateful to Born 2 Learn and for all they have given my Santi.
Thanks B2L because with all the support I have received, it is easier to be here.

Ariela Maya
Mother of Santiago Saucedo

My son loves Born 2 Learn so much that even on the weekends, he gets upset because B2L is closed.. He wants to be there everyday – rain or shine…  This means your facilities as well as the teachers and kids around him, make him feel at home…  Thank you…

Martha Ortiz

Mother of Matias Buitrago

I could not be more sure that enrolling my daughter at  Born 2 Learn was the right decision. Everyday as we drive up to the front of the school my daughter is overwhelmed with excitement and shouts out “Yay mommy we’re here – my school!” There is no bigger satisfaction than knowing that your child is happy and loved. Thank you.

Catalina Gras
Mother of Izabella Gras