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Born2Learn Preschool Center

We provide a learning environment that respects children and emphasizes on the social-emotional development of each child in our care. Our students have daily developmental experiences within a balanced routine of structured and open activities. Born2learn nurtures children and their self-confidence so they dare to explore and learn the skills necessary to succeed in school and life.

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Our Programs

Toddler (12 – 24 months)

Building emotional bonds, Language Development, Independence, Safe exploration using all the senses.

Twos (24 – 36 months)

Socialization, Language Development, Nurturing curiosity through exploration of materials

Threes (36 – 48 months)

Experimentation, Social Skills, Early Literacy, hands-on learning experiences

Fours (48 – 60 months)

Critical Thinking, Florida VPK Standards, Creating school habits, Emergent Literacy, Exploring creativity